"We have to create a good economic and social environment for young people which enable them to improve their living circumstances and to take their future into own hands."                 (Josaphat L. Lebulu, former Archbishop of Arusha)




Step 9: We offer training to enable young adults (orphans) to find their way into the job market or into independence.


We take care of such teenagers who have difficulties after the completion of their education to find a job. In cooperation with the TRMEGA Program, we organize trainings to apply for job or to establish an independent business. The young adults learn entrepreneur skills and receive a small start-up capital to run their own business. The trainings are also used to identify especially gifted entrepreneurs and provide them with credits (to be partially paid back after some time) for larger investments.




With the Job Training Centre, we create an interface between school, education and occupation. We make sure that the young adults can make an independent living – without our support.  The Centre does not provide for comprehensive vocational training and the like – such opportunities are sufficiently available in the greater Arusha area.



Early Preparation


Practical Skills

Children and teenagers from our schools, orphanages and programs

Children and teenagers from our schools, orphanages and our programs

Teenagers from our programs who completed education but have no job; mothers and care takers of the children from our programs

Teenagers from our programs who completed education but have no job; mothers and care takers of the children from our programs

Mothers who are living with HIV

Behaviour in groups, management of aggression, self-picture, building trust, family planning, communication, dealing with money

Preparation for the end of school and for the future autonomy; job application training; finding the right occupation/job

Characteristics for entrepreneurship, for business planning, for marketing and pricing

Seed production, kitchen gardening, charcoal production, farming, basic skills (..)


Overview about the currently offered training opportunities in our Centre.



Some of the children and youth supported by us have difficulties to find a job because of the high unemployment rates in Tanzania. Often, children are at a loss of what to do once they complete their school education.  While many may opt for continuing education solid self-employment might often be the better option – in particular in view of the restrictive labour market.


Over the years it has become increasingly clear that our support cannot end with the completion of school, college or university studies.  It is important to also provide assistance for the phasing into the labour market – be it dependent labour or independent small businesses.  We are convinced that our children will be successful in their future lives only if they receive assistance to find their place in society and within the existing constraints of the labour market.  Our Job Training Centre serves as a platform for all efforts geared towards making our children independent and successful on the labour market.

It is our most important goal to take care of our children from the beginning to then end – until they are able to live independently and stand on their own feet. Not every child can become a doctor but everyone can find an activity that corresponds to his/her abilities and ensures survival.



With the trainings we able to real our goal that is to ensure that all teenagers can be released from our support and find their place in life and in autonomy. With our project partner TRMEGA we buildt a Seminar and office building for 50 participients. We conduct trainings in basic book keeping, business plans, job application and common "life-skills" including a responsible family planning.


During vacation, after school and before studying or after finishing education and before finding a job our project partners provide the possibilities for volonteering in various business fields along their skills and interests:


  • Living Water Farm: Animal keeping, soil tillage and sowing, harvesting

  • Yakini Schools: Teachers assistance, homework assistance, extra tution

  • LWCC-orphanage: Childrens care, playing and learning

  • Construction: Assistance in construction and painting

  • Sewing: Assistance in reparing school uniforms, basic sewing skills

  • School kitchen: Assistance in cooking meals for students

  • Workshop: Basic skills in carpentery, welding, painting etc.


We require donations to further develop and enhance the Job Training Centre; support for additional young adults to participate in the training and seminars to find jobs or to establish small businesses





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