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Fields of action and principles for cooperation

For our organization "Partnership for Africa" it is important to support sustainable and integrated approaches of aid and development activities. This is the goal of many donor organizations - but what does that mean in practice? We mainly support projects which are embedded in a wider rage of development activities and programs.

Sustainability means first of all to enable the people in need to sustain their livelihood on their own after an initial intervention. The final goal is always to make support long term dispensable. We don´t want to create jobs for development workers, we rather want to be dispensable after a while.

In principle we consider education as one of the crucial factors for the sustainable development of a society. For that reason, education is mostly part of our support - directly or indirectly. But also the Human Rights, especially the rights of vulnerable and neglected groups - such as women, handicapped, orphans or people living with HIV/AIDS.

The following topics are in the focus of "Partnership for Africa"

  • Orphans
  • Disabled children
  • Vulnerable children
  • Improvement of the livelihood
  • Agriculture and nutrition
  • HIV-Program
  • Women and Gender

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