Cooking for Africa


The campaign "Cooking for Africa" was initiated by two hobby chefs from Krefeld and has proven to be a successful model for collecting donations for children in need. Anyone can participate, because the principle is simple!


1. Invite friends


2. Shopping - the hosts take care of the ingredients and the drinks


3. Cooking - the hosts prepare the dishes in their own kitchen


4. Enjoy a cosy breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends


5. Collect donations: everyone makes a voluntary, anonymous contribution


6. The hosts donate the collected amount and receive a (tax deductable) receipt. Partnership for Africa uses these donations without any further deduction for children in need.


7. The hosts deduct the donation from their annual taxes and in this way refinance part of their contribution.


8. Ideally, one or more participants from the group should agree to host the next "cooking for Africa" and invite other friends to join. The principle leads to

the fact that "cooking for Africa" can be continued almost endlessly!



"Cooking for Africa" should be pursued according to the ‘snowball principle’ in various cities - starting in Germany with Krefeld, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Bottrop, Berlin, Kirchheimbolanden, Maastricht, Verden, Worms, Bad Zwischenahn, Pronsfeld, Odenthal, Wuppertal, and accordingly in other

countries. Ideally, a local chef will be won as patron. If desired, the campaign can be placed in the local press in order to gain even more attention for the good cause and commitment.


At the end of every year participants will take part in a lottery that provides for some interesting rewards.

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