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Donations - how much?

In general it is difficult to tell interested donors how much they should spend. Many small amounts sum up at the end to a big amount and can have finally the same impact as a bigger donation.

We bundle smaller amounts up to a sum which is sufficient to e.g. buy a computer for a school class.

  • With medium-seize donations we can e.g. finance a new prothesis for a disabled child.
  • If we receive bigger donations of several thousand Euros we can for example support (school-) construction projects or support microfinance projects for women.
  • Big donations of several tenthousand Euros are spent for example for the set-up of entire projects, for example an orphange for HIV-positive children.

From the point of view of our donors it is often required to find a well defined and distinguished purpose which are visible to the public. We understand and support that, but at the same time we also need support for more invisible purposes, for examlpe the repair of a roof of a center.

We do not provide individual children-partnership relations. This would boost the administration costs for our partner organizations. We also want to avoid to give support only for one family member or village member whereas the other member continue suffering. We also don´t like the practice to enforce the children to write letters of gratitude to their supporters.

These are some hints for donations (no exact values):

  • With ten or twenty Euro an orphan who lives on his own can pay for food and house rent
  • With fifty Euro we can provide a school uniform for one students and pay for stationary
  • With hundred Euro we can pay for one year for the school fees in a governmental school
  • With hundredand fifty Euro one student can visit a governmental secondary school for one year
  • With twohundredandfifty Euro we can provide a new prothesis for a disabled child
  • With thousand Euro we can finance one year of college
  • With twothousand Euro we can buy a specific computer for handicapped students
  • With fivethousand Euros we can equip a school or orphanage with water tanks or electricity
  • With tehthousand Euros we can equip a school class with computers
  • With thirtyfivethousand Euro we can finance the highschool graduation for the whole class
  • With fourtythousand Euros we can construct two dormitories for an orphanage
  • With twohundredandfiftythousand Euros an entire orphanage can be constructed

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