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Agriculture & Food Sustainability

The sufficient self-supply with food is for the people in Tanzania directly linked with the ability to survive. Limited know how and limited water ressources are among the most important limitations. Water is a scarce ressource all over many African countries. Even if the rainfall during the rain season is sufficient, the water storage capacities are limited.

Especially our orphanages and supported centers fight with high food prices as they have to feed some hundred children per day. The costs for food are immense and the managers of the centers have to struggle every year with their budget.

What can we do?
We can support the centers with funds for food and also help them to become more and more independent from external aid. This is why we support small farming projects in order to grow food for the schools and orphanages. In times of severe food crisis, we try to raise funds for immediate help. We look for donors who would like to help us buy more land for the extension of the farm project.

What has been achieved?

A five acre farm outside of Arusha - in Usa River - will provide enough food for the orphans of the Living Water Children Center. Together with an agricultural expert and our own agricultural expertise, we developped a farm concept for the next three years. Another plot in Maja Chai, also donated by a private sponsor, will help to sustain the TRMEGA program to earn money for trainings. It also serves a a demonstration garden for the trained groups in order to enable the clients to grow their own food.

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