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Handicapped children

Support for the disabled children of Monduli


Those individuals who are due to their handycap the last chain-link in the society deserve our special attention: disabled children. Since a couple of years we support the center in Monduli, near Arusha, in Tanzania. The center is financed by Caritas Germany and run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha.


What can we do?

The center needs continuously funds to provide more children with protheses, funds for school fees to enable hanycapped children to go to school after the treatment and funds for food to feed the patients despite of the rising food prices. Recently the roof of almost all buildings have been renewed thanks to the support of our donors. Also additional eqipment like computers or the renovation of the playground will be funded in future. We can help to prevent that these children end up on the street - sitting in the dust and begging for food!


Children with handycaps are in Tanzania at risk to be discriminated by their families as well as by the whole society. The believe of witchcraft as cause for the handycaps lead many families to neglect their children or to hide them in their houses. These are not only singular cases - when the social workers of the outreach program find children who were not allowed to leave their hut or homes for many years - even if the cause is evident like after an injury. Relatively frequently children suffer from deformed legs due to the increases content of fluorid in the drinking water, but also blindness through measles and blindness or different forms of neural diseases occur.

What has been achieved? 

May be for the first time in their life the children receive a treatment with warmth and humanity when they come to the center. After a potential surgery they will be provided with protheses, a wheelchair and physiotherapy. Also neural therapies are provided in courses together with the parents. During their stay in the center the children visit the own school, before they will be reintegrated to their families - if possible. At the same time, the social workers educate the families and village members about the real causes of handycaps and anti-discrimination.

Beyond that, with our donations the center has been completely equipped with new roofs, the kitchen was renoveted and equipped with new fire stoves, we provided a computer for handicapped children, electrified the school building and completed the playground.

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