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HIV-orphans - a new home for 45 children!

The children come from desperate homes and they are lucky now to have a new home at Canaan Children Center! 45 of them live together with their caretakers. Donate only... 1,37 EUR per day (500 EUR/year), and you can help them to go to school! See the list and more information....
Our children: List Part 1.      List Part 2.
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Especially those children who are infected by HIV through their parents have little or no chances to find a home or orphanage when the parents die. For this reason, our project partner AAIDRO plans to construct an orphanage for HIV-positive and not infected children in Kisongo, 10 km from Arusha.


What has been achieved?

The project has been realized in a co-operation with several donor organization we could integrate. The center opened in 2013. In this complex HIV-positive and negative children will live together in order to avoid stigmatization.

On the same compound the former dispensary has been integrated into the center. As a play and learn center it will also serve as a meeting place for village children with their parents.

What can we do?

The project is beyond the start-up phase and the management undertakes tremendous efforts to make the center sustainable. We will contribute funds to support the new sustainability fund, which was set up by the Archbishop in order to create a profound financial basis for the center. The construction of a sheep and chicken stall will create income and provide food for the children. Donate online on betterplace.org

We also regularly face erosion problems due to heavy rainfalls and a weak underground. Repiar work at the buildings and anti-erosion measures are regularly on our schedule - an everlasting challenge and we are happy to find supporters who don´t mind to donate for these purposes. Nevertheless, we need more support for a sustainable future of the center and look for donors who like to pay in to our sustainability fund on the orphanage.


img_3066_miniHIV/AIDS is in Sub-Sahara Africa the most frequent death cause for adults. A complete generation of parents is about to die and more than 12 million children are left behind. In Tansania the HIV infection rate is about 6,6 percent, in some regions almost 10 percent. This vicious circle has to be stopped in order to give the Tanzanian population a real chance for a positive development.

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