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New orphanage project started
Secondary School is growing!


The Living Water Children Center is an orphanage, which was founded by a tanzanian familiy: after Dorah and Anza Kimaro took one orphan after the other from the neighborhood they decided to extend their home and finally set up a registered non-profit organization: The LWCC. Despite they have four own sons, they now care for up to 100 orphans. Due to governmental restriction, the Kimaro family is now forced to construct a new orphanage with more surrounding space (see at the bottom)

In order to provide goood primary education to the children, the LWCC set up the Yakini Primary School in Kisongo. 600 students are currently visiting the boarding school. The paying students "feed" the orphans for school and living expenses - this is the success model of LWCC. The two elder sons, David and Walter Kimaro, work as managers and teachers in the center.

In order to provide a good quality of further education, the LWCC decided to start up a new Secondary School. With our support and other donors from the United States, the school was opened in early 2017. But the completion is going on. Meanwhile the 8 classrooms, the administration building, the toilets and the two dormitories are in place. Also the laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics have been completed, with the support of the Gerrman NGO "Sternstunden e.V." The library and Computerclas is still under construction and will be finished in 2018.



What can we do?

Donations are required mainly for the new orphanage project: dormitories, kitchen, administration building are the core buildings, but also for playground and internal equipement we look for sponsors!

Beyond the construction projects, we need funds for food, cloth, school and learning materials, the daily needs of the children. The private center is only funded by donations from abroad - also by "Partnership for Africa".

Sustainability is one of the most important steps into the direction of beeing independent from external aid. This is why we are happy to have found private donors who bought  a piece of land for agricultural production. On this land the Kimaro family can now grow the food for the children - which is a big relieve for the cost side. We need more supporters to extend the amount of land in order to increase the the production of food.


Was has been achieved?

We support the old orphanage and the primary school almost since the beginning. Our donors have contributed to the positive development of this center by funding two new dormitories for boys and girls, support for the electrification, construction of water tanks, provision of computers and many other smaller contribution for food and the daily needs.

With the support of "Partnerschaft für Afrika" and our cooperation partners we could set up the new Secondary School and also help with the further development of the school. We bought the land, which will also serve as land for the new orphanage.

New Orphanage

Due to a new law of Tanzania´s new government, all orphanages must provide more than 3 acres of land for accomodation and playgrounds. In fact, the current orphanage is too small and has lost the license to operate. After years of discussion with the government, the LWCC is now finally allowed to construct a new building on the site of the Secondary School, which is big enough. The project can start now and we are optimistic to finish the new orphanage within the next two years!

Especially the warm family atmosphere of the Kimaro family is convincing us always again that this is the best place to be for children without parents. By the way: their own children are educated togther with the "adopted" orphans.

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