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Women - the backbone of the society
Girls to school!

Women´s rights are frequently neglected within the mainly male-dominant society of Tanzania. Women who have been left by their husbands frequently face poverty. A special group of women frequently suffer from discrimination: women of the nomadic Maasai in the northern parts of Tanzania. The Maasai women have almost no rights to participate in decisions which are made by their men. Women do the daily hard work, but have no influence and rights. Practices like the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) still violate the human rights of women, even if it is prohibited in Tanzania.

What can we do?
One of our most important aims is to strengthen women´s rights and position in the society. With our donations we support these activities: girls´education in schools is one of our heart pieces of activirties. Also trainings for women for income generating activities, microcredits, and last but not least - education about human rights and a trustful dialogue about taboos like FGM.

What has been achieved?

To bann the violating practices of FGM in the Massai community can not be done within short term projects. In opposite, a long-run engagement in the education of girls is one of the most important steps. AAIDRO´s experts have established during the past years a trustful relation with the communities educated the women´s groups in reading and writing skills (supported by "Partnership for Africa") as an entry point for the articulation of own rights and the participation in the society outside of the Maasai community.

In a next step the groups were trained - also with our support - in income generating activities in oder to increase their "value" within the community: one group saved money for a grain mill and now provides the service of milling for neighbor villages. The small income improves their standing in the male-dominant society. It is not the goal to abolish the culture and to throw over different cultures, but is is the goal to integrate also themen and convince them that human rights do not violate their own culture.

Girls to school !

In the future our focus will be to get more girls to go school - not only from the Maasai community, but also girls from poor families who cannot afford sending their girls to school. We also take extra care for girls who have experienced violation or even abuse. Those girls need love, care and education to enable them having a safe and independent life in dignity.


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