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Thriller Dinner 2018
Find the murder in Krefeld!

On September, 13, 2018 in the Krefeld restaurant "Nordbahnhof" we will find a dead person. Our guests will be asked to find the murder - while having a nice dinner and lots of fun!

Show Cooking 2018
International Horseriding Event in Verden

Wolfgang Pade and the Hannoveranian breeders association inititated a show cooking event which will take place on August 4, 2018 in Verden. During the international horseriding event, many well known riders will be on the spot - such as Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, one of the most successful jumping horse riders, who supported the show cooking for "Partnerschaft für Afrika" in 2017. We look forward to many guests and donations for the good purpose!

Sponsored walk in 2017
Disabled for disabled children

The scholl for disabled children in Kaarst/Germany had an excellent idea: a sponsored walk for other disabled children! The children, parents and teacher run around the sports arena, motivated by sponsors waiting for the results. More than 1600 EUR for the operation and treatment of disabled children in Monduli, one of our supported projects!

Road Bike Charity Tour 2016
Around Germany by Bike

One of our supporters, Tim Rulands, is a true sportsman: his plan was to cruise 2000 km through Germany - as a fundraising tour for our HIV-positive children in Tanzania. He wanted to sell 10 EUR/Kilometer to sponors. The tour started on April, 1, and he finished on April, 23, 2016 - his 30th birthday.  Finally he collectet nearly € 11.000!!! for our children. A big "THANK YOU" for your performance, 2.687 kilometers on bike in 23 days" and the money for our organization!

More information (in german language): One klick here....

DSC_0025_miniDressage riders engagement for Africa
Book and DVD series contain adverts for projects

Uta Gräf, the sucessful Grand-Prix-Dressage ride, and Friederike Heidenhof, her horseback riding student, publish a book and three DVD about classic dressage and the motivation of horses. All media contain the information about the work of "Partnership for Africa" initiated by Friederike Heidenhof and supported by Uta Gräf.

Gangelter Olivenhainsymposium
Sculpture Garden will be stablished

Around his "Alte Ziegelei" in Gangelt, Johannes Heinrichs plans to establish a sculpture garden in order to attract visitors and artists from all regions. After the sucessfull first Gangelter Olivenhainsymposium, ten sculptures build the basis for the growing oart. It is planned to invite further artists during the following year and to integrate the old wood of dead olive trees in the park. Light and action will complete the garden.


Drought in East Africa
Call for donations


The World Food Program (WFP) is expected to run out of food reserves in September. Many of the children and families, we support in the different programs and centers depend on food aid from the WFP. This is why we call for emergency action for the first time. Our project partners need to


by food now als long something is available on the world food markets. If the food prices double (or more) in the next month, only half of the children can be fed. This time we need support in order to cover this emergency beside the support of long-term sustainable development programs.

To the beneifit of Africa
Arts events with olive trees from Portugal

Around 160 trees stand behind the "Alte Ziegelei" in Gangelt/Germany and wait on the


right artist to create a skulpture out of the hard wood. The idea: parts of the benefitBrele_Scholz_Beweg-10_5-Kopie_klein of the skulptures shall be donated for "Partnership for Africa" in order to support the orphanage for HIV-positive children. Johannes Heinrichs bought the trees out of an olive plantation in Portugal and shipped them to Germany. The call for artists for a symposium for wood art in September 2011 ends end of May 2011.


More information about the HIV-orphans project

In cooperation with:

Brele Scholz Sclptures, Aachen/Germanysculpture_network_Logo
sculpture network, Pöcking/Germany

Further activities

  • 11. December 2012: Prsentation for Lions Club Bad Dürkheim/Kaiserslautern
  • 18.-30. September 2011 Social Safari: Project visit and safari
  • 25. November 2012: official inauguration ceremony for the orphangage in Kisongo
  • 7. July 2012: Präsentation for former governmental hospital in Krefeld
  • July - December 2012: Photo exhibition Tierarztpraxis Krüger/Pier, Krefeld


Recent activities

  • December 2011: Project mission to Arusha, Tanzania
  • September 2011: Symposium for Wood-Art, Gangelt (Charity)
  • July/August 2011: Call for vacination, Vet-doc Dr. Heike Axmacher, Worms (Charity)
  • July, 13, 2011: Presentation for Rotary-Women´s club, Münster
  • July, 12, 2011: Presentation for Rotary-Women´s club, Krefeld
  • March, 31, 2011: Approval of tax exemption through financial authorities, Krefeld
  • March, 25-27, 2011: Infocounter Young Horse competition show, Krefeld
  • March 7-23, 2011: project-mission to Arusha, Tanzania
  • 15. January 2011: Member´s assembly and foundation of "Partnership for Africa"
  • December 2, - Januar, 13, 2011: BBBank Karlsruhe: Presentation and photo exhibition
  • November 1-30, 2010: Umweltbibliothek Chemnitz: presentation and photo exhibition
  • November 3, 2010: aid Bonn: Presentationabout knowledge transfer in developing countries
  • 2010: Zürich - International symposium, knowledge transfer in developing countries
  • 2010: Schule der Begegnung, Gangelt: Presentation "Afrika - Facetten eines Kontinents"
  • 2010: Universitäty of Bonn: presentation knowledge transfer in developin countries
  • 2009: Zonta Club Krefeld, charity event: presentation and photo exhibition
  • 2009: Stadtbibliothek Wiesbaden Bierstadt: presentation and phot exhibition


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