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Food & Nutrition for HIV-Patients

Sufficient and healthy nutrition is very important for People Living With HIV. A vitamin and protein rich diet is in contrast to the need very rarely found. One sided nutrition due to traditional eating habits - like ugali from maize three time per day - is wide spread. Vegetables, fruits and fish are frequently neglected. Healthy nutrition is especially for HIV positive people not a luxury discussion: it is indispensable to keep the immune system strong.

A young organization called TRMEGA was founded and is now managed by the former AAIDRO director Helen Nguya, an internationally accepted expert. The aim of the IMG_4799_miniorganization is to educate People Living With HIV/AIDS and women´s groups in healthy nutrition and to transfer know how about how to grow vegetables and fruits in the homegarden or behind the house/hut - even in urban environments. Also income generating activities are trained by TRMEGA, such as marketing of parts of the grown the food or craft works.

What can we do?

Financial means are required for holding seminars and also for the extension of the school garden. Urgently a seminar roon is needed as the seminars take currently place under a peace of canvas - even in the rain season. For HIV positive people the risk for infections can inhibit their participation.

Was has been achieved?

The demonstration garden and the office building are already completed - partly with the support of "Partnership for Africa". The organization started working in 2010. The groups are formed and meet regularly to share knowledge and transfer know how to others. The garden products are sold in order to sustain the income for the organization.


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