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Social Responsibility
Consulting Service for companies, sportsmen and private people

p1010008_miniIn times where the lack of technical staff is evident, companies face increasingly the question: how can we show that our enterprise is not only profit-oriented but also interested in social responsibility. Employees not only base their job satisfaction on the level of their saleries, but also respect increasingly the image of their employees. Social responsibility is not anymore the mission only of notorious "do-gooder", but it is part of the well designed strategy to increase the employer-image.

You want to contribute to a good purpose and talk about it? We can help you. We link our experience in industry and middle-size enterprises in terms of employer-branding and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) with the practical experience within our projects in Africa. This makes us experts also for the communication about your social committment and we can provide you with this service if you decide to support our work.

We connect you you with the fitting project which is related to your buisness or you special interest for your committment. Together with or local project partners we will find out where your support can have the most efficient impact. We also appreciate to hold presentations in order to inform your staff about your activities.

Clubs or other beneficial organizations, who would like to donate the funds out of their charity events, we offer profound and professional presentations and lectures about our work as well as the media relations to cover the events.

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