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Social Safari: Get and see what can convince you!

We want to make the use of the money to be transparent for our donors. Every donor or guest is welcome to visit our projects on the spot (on their own costs) in order to get an impression about what we are supporting in which way and why. We will be happy to arrange a visit with our project partners.

A couple of our supporters have already joined our project mission to Tanzania: get there, see what´s going on abd talk at home about your experiences and impressions. This is exactly how our network grew steadily. For our work and the committment of the local experts it is the greatest gift if we learn that more and more supporters are impressed - as we are since a couple of years of support.

We do not act as tour operators, but we offer our guests to support them by organizing the trip from A to Z and to guide the visit in a very personal and close way. Interested visitors can stay for one, two or more weeks to visit the projects.
We cooperate with local tour operators in order to provide a trip for Wildlife Safari into the near by National Parks (Ngorongo Crater, Serengeti etc.) or a connecting flight to Sansibar for another week at the beautifl beaches of the island. In this way you can perfectly combine social committment with the unique experience of the great nature in Tanzania.
 For Volonteers we are happy to bring you in contact with our project partner "Living Water Children Center". They provide guest rooms and work opportunity for (young) people around the world. The volonteers pay for food and accomodation and work for free - for some weeks or even month. A quite good experience!

Non-professional voluteers are in opposite difficult to handle and it only makes sense in very rare cases - due to some barriers (e.g. Kiswahili-Language, short duration of stay, lack of real contribution due to missing full professional background etc.).

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