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Vulnerable Children: No parents - no future?



"Vulnerable children" is a term which expresses the violability of children and means mainly those children who miss father and mother or any other intact family. Many causes can lead to this desperate situation - be it because the parents died from HIV and left the children without relatives behind, or be it that the parents are went jail without the government provided any care for those temporarily orphans. Beyond these cause, poverty and frustration lead sometimes to violence within the families. Also early pregnant girls, who give birth at an age of 13, to 15, are vulnerable within the society.

What can we do?

We care for 25 child-families in the slums of Arusha. With our money we provide them with a place in one of the centers and orphanages for the children or we provide them with school fees, school uniforms, food and the needs for the daily life. We can make also a big difference by providing a shelter or small house, buying a bed or cloth in order to help them living in dignity. We can prevent these children from becoming street children, prostitutes or criminals - without school and education they have no other chance to survive!

We also support 40 students for their further studies in college or university. The students receive all they need for living, school fees, scholastic materials, boarding and transportatio
n fees.

For those who have difficulties to find a job after the completion of their studies, we provide training in "entrepreneurship" and in so calles "life skills". The young people from self-help groups an learn about setting up small businesses and also about family planning in order to prevent early pregancy. Our goal is to support children and youth until they can fianally stand on their own feet. It is always a pleasure for us to see them becoming teachers, electricians, IT-experts or other professionals. We see the seeds growing and encounter others by presenting them their successful fellows as role models in the trainings.

Facilities for vulnerable children

  • The MVC program of AAIDRO provides care for those children who are living on their own after the parents died. By the recruitment of volunteers they established a dense network for the daily care. School fees, school uniforms, items of the daily need and food are provided by the program in order to enable the young people to visit a school or vocational training.

  • Education: To provide youth with education - beyond pre-school and primary school - is a very important step not only to give them a chance for a better life - but also for the fuIMG_3314_minirther positive development of the society. Those children can become teacher, doctors or lawyers, instead of only working on a farm or selling goods on the street.

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