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 Call for Godparents! 1,37 EUR per day for school-sponsorship

IMG_4752_miniThe children come from desperate homes and they are lucky now to have a new home at Canaan Children Center! 45 of them live together with their caretakers. Donate only... 1,37 EUR per day (500 EUR/year), and you can help them to go to school! For each of them we look for godpartens. See our children´s list and read more.....here

New Secondary School is growing

The Living Water Children Center is the home of more than 100 orphans. In order to provide them not only a lovely environment to grow up in peace, the Kimaro family constructed two schools: a primary school and a Secondary School. With the support of "Partnerschaft für Afrika" and our cooperation partners we could contribute a lot to this success story. more....


New Orphanage project!

The Kimaro family started privatly with some orphans, the center grew and grew, suddenly a lot of children had to find enough space. Now a new governmantal law says: no orphanages on less than 3 acres for accomodation and playgrounds. After month and of discussion with the government the new project has taken off! ....more

IMG_4814_miniOrphanage in Kisongo
Solar modules installed
- Water go!

Facing high prices for power and water, the Tanzanian experts are glad to have now installed a rainwater harvesting system as well as solar modules for the Kisongo orphanage. The cooperation with action medeor, Lions club and other donors made it possible....mehr.....


100 handicapped children treated

A life with a disability is for children in Africa frequently a nightmare. Too late or never treated, they face a society with fears and prejudices, an environment wich is not friendly and a life which is difficult. With our donations about 100 children have been examined, treated and/or provided with aids and physiotherapy.....more

Successful co-operations
Sternstunden, action medeor e.V. und Christlicher Entwicklungsdienst

To reach common goals is easier together with bundled forces: "Sternstunden - wir helfen Kindern" supported the construction work for the orphanage, finished by CED Christlicher Entwicklungsdienst and private donors, who already support Partnership for Africa for many years. .. The water system and the solar modules were provided by action medeor e.V. and Lions Club Deutschland. Due to these generous donations, the new home could be completed within the the short time of 9 month....more

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