"I do not have the words to say THANK YOU for the great support that the donors have extended to me and my family. I am very greatful for their generosity!" (Emmanuel Boniface, sponsored child, today enterpreneur in water delivery service)

Sponsor a child



Sponsorships are not just a nice thing for people who want to help a certain child. The children are also very happy to know that there is someone somewhere in the world to take care of them. A feeling as if someone was putting a protective hand over them. For children without parents or coming out of poverty or violence this is an immense enhancement of their self-confidence.


Talk to us, we will be happy to make you a proposal for a child sponsorship! 


Omega, Grace and Violeth have already found sponsors. This enables them to grow up in a safe home, far away from hunger, poverty and violence. All three go to our Yakini School and are hard-working students. 


We are happy to arrange for sponsorships for children in our orphanages or in the remaining families. Small children grow up and need our support also in the future. That is why we also arrange for educational sponsorships for young people who want to complete an apprenticeship, a college or university studies. Last but not least, we do not want to leave the young adults alone when they struggle with starting their careers. That is why we help some of them to become self-employed if they can't find a job right away. To this end, we arrange start-up sponsorships for young adults. 






Costs EUR/year

Sponsorship for children

Orphanage or rest-family,
Primary/Secondary School

5 to 10 years
can be cancelled at any time

500 to 1000
depending on the circumstances

Educational sponsorship

Professional training, apprenticeship, college/universtiy

2 to 3 years
can be cancelled at any time

1000 to 1500
depending on the circumstances


Getting self-employed

1 to 2 years
usually one contribution

1000 to 1500
depending on the circumstances




Elihuruma, Goodluck & Godlisten and little Sarah (right) among her friends at the Canaan Children Centre were rescued from acute neglect. At least Sarah's life was in acute danger. 



Especially orphans need our support - whether they live in one of our orphanages or are being taken care of in their remaining families. Every year there are significant costs for school fees, school uniforms, school books, living expenses, medical care……...


As for ‘Partnerschaft für Afrika’ it helps us enormously if donors agree to support a child for a certain period of time. In fact, we have taken over the responsibility for hundreds of children and are very happy to share this responsibility - and with it the joy! We report regularly about the development of the children. The sponsors receive photos; they can write to the children and send gifts. We leave it up to the children whether they want to write letters themselves. 


Sponsors need to have no concern of eternal obligation. Usually we have a buffer so that we can bridge times when someone wants to get out. Of course, this can be done at anytime and anywhere, without justification or reason. Also, sponsors need not worry if they support an HIV-positive child. The children receive good medical care and can lead a completely normal life - with the same risks that every child has.


But we always say one thing: not every child can become a doctor, and not all stories are success stories. We do our best to get every child on his/her way. But some things are beyond our control. At some point we have to let go of the children - just like in normal life. Even if the future may be uncertain at times. A lifelong alimony has never been the right solution for anyone.

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