"We love what we do. And suddenly we notice: You can make a difference!"
(Founding members)

Non-profit Organization


We love what we do. And it is incredible to see what has been created since the beginning with the help of many supporters: orphanages, schools and programs for children of need!IMG 9216


The fund raising activities to support of development projects in Africa began in 2005 with the initiative of Friederike who worked as an advisor for three months in Tansania: "I was and still am impressed by the excellent work of our local Tansanian project partners." Interview with Dr. Günter Heidenhof...


Since 2005, new projects have been initiated and existing programs have been developed further. In 2011, we established the non-profit organisation "Partnerschaft für Afrika” in accordance with German (tax) laws.




Our members:


IMG 8862

Friederike Heidenhof M.Sc. (Primary initiative, Managing Director) Agricultural Engineer, Master in Tropical Agriculture, many years with a senior position in a governmental Agricultural Publishing House in Germany, long-standing experience with communication and change management in a leading chemical company in Germany.  At present: work as journalist and book author; moderating equestrian events. Friederike Heidenhof has been awarded by the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in 2022 with the Federal Cross of Merit of Germany.

Managing Director of "Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V.", responsible for budget planning, finance, accounting program planning and supervision, fund raising, donor relationship, public relations, relations to local project partners, management of volunteers and visitor programs.


IMG 3171 Athuman  

Dr. Günter Heidenhof (Chairman of the Board), Lawyer and (development) economist; many years of experience in senior positions in the World Bank in Washington, Ghana, Madagascar, India. Advisory activities for many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East, primarily in the area of good governance and economic development. At present Senior Lecturer with several universities in Europe.

Main emphasis of Board work for "Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V.": legal and contractual issues, advise on project design and implementation, IT and procurement issues, project visits, foundation issues.



Karsten Lutte, Executive and Board Member of Bauking AG, Hannover.

Founding member of "Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V.": fund raising activities and public relations, advisory support for the non-profit organisation.




Dr. Ursula Leuchtenberg, Doctor of Psychotherapy, many years of experience with Senior positions in research and marketing of a pharmaceutical industry; since 2008 own office as psychotherapist with focus on psycho-oncology, trauma therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and coaching.

Founding member of "Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V.": fund raising and public relations; advisory support for the non-profit organisation; coaching and training of local counterparts in Tanzania.



IMG 3990 

Dr. Iris Rommerskirchen, chemist with long-standing executive experience in the steel industry; Partner and Chairman of the advisory council of Rommerskirchen GmbH, advisory support for activities in the steel industry.

Founding member of "Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V.": fund raising and public relations, advisory support for the non-profit organisation; relationship with sponsored children.



IMG 2589  

Dr. Simon Flümann, pediatrician, Lead Senior Physician at the ‚Marienhospital‘ in Wesel; specialization: pediatric pneumology.

Founding member "Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V.": fund raising and public relations; advisory support for the non-profit organisation; medical advice and counselling with regard to orphans.




Voluntary members:  
Julia Eger, Krefeld
Liane Klahn, Nürnberg
Sandra John, Ludwigshafen


The members of the Board work on an honorary basis and cover all administrative costs (including travel) themselves together with an external sponsor. Board members visit the projects in Tanzania every year for several weeks to plan, direct and evaluate all activities.



The non-profit "Partnerschaft für Africa e.V." is registered in accordance with German laws and regulations. The organisation can issue tax-deductible receipts for donations that support the activities of the non-profit organisation.




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