"I am a new person. The school has opend up horizons." (Einoth Francis, Maasai women with master degree, who escaped as a child from early marriage and circumcision)

College and University



Step 6: We provide scholarships from an "education fund" for especially gifted students (orphans) to help them build a future in Tanzania. 


From our ‘education fund’ we can provide targeted support to 35-40 talented teenagers to attain a college or university education. Everything is possible if the potential is recognized and promoted, and corresponding donors can be found.


It is rare to find sponsors who are willing and capable to finance a master studies. But is is possible: Einoth Francis is our first student who got this exceptional chance for her life. She holds now a masters degree in education. Her future plan is to remain in Tanzania and to become school headmaster.



Einoth is one of the 35-40 students who attend our continuing education program. Middle: Einoth grew up in this village until she fled from the genetical mutilation and compulsory marriage with an old man. Her first teachers inspired her, and books gave her access to a completely new world. She has done it! From a Maasai girl to a master student - without to denying her roots and traditions (together with Günter and Friederike Heidenhof, left and right)



Our "Education Fund" made it possible for almost 100 students to achieve a qualified degree. Every year we need new funds for the contiuation of the program.


Many young men and women wait for the opportunity to start studies at university or college. Educational sponsorships help us a lot give them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams!


We require donations so that we can help as many young talents as possible obtain a good education. We have our "education fund" that (until now) has provided support to almost 80 teenagers to find a place in life. We need every year again donations to be able to continue this program and to ensure that our talents are able to complete their education.  


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