"Children are the heroes of the daily life. Many of them are traumatized before thy can walk. We nee to take action." (Alex Lengeju, Manager of the Canaan Center)

Outreach & Emergency Assistance



Step 1: We identify cases of hardship/emergency and seek solutions for children in need.



Outreach: Co-workers of our project partners seek and find orphans or children who live in poverty, starve or cannot attend school; or are exposed to violence and abuse. Disabled children frequently are not treated but are discriminated or neglected.


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Visiting children in need is the first and most important step to provide assistance. Our Tanzanian co-workers go to remote villages to identify endangered children and to discuss possible further steps with parents, relatives and village leaders.


Emergency Assistance: We facilitate and finance a place in our orphanages for smaller children without parents and relatives. Older children can attend other boarding schools or begin a vocational training. Disabled children are treated in the first place so that they can attend school.


Church communities help with the identification of such children and teenagers; additional cases are reported by neighbours.  Often, children approach our project-partners directly as our services are meanwhile well known in Tanzania.


We consider children “endangered" in particular when they lack a caring parental home. Parents dying of HIV / AIDS is one of the quite big causes of potential neglect.  But we also deal with situations where parents serve a sentence in prison. Furthermore, alcohol and frustration frequently lead to violence in the families; and children are often the victims. Early pregnancies of teenagers add to the misery.


Nangida Simon Thobias

14 years old Nangida is the older sister of Simon and Tobias. She has to take care of them after their parents died. One of the early cases we visited which we will always keep in our minds....



We require donations for the support of these outreach activities: above all for transportation costs, for first-aid-material and housing for the co-workers.

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