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The Ukraine war hits our orphanges and schools currently very hard - the expenses for school meals are expoding and it´s becoming more and more diffucult to feed all children. We need donations to relieve this current emergency situation as well as for the further develoment of our orphanage farm - in order to make schools and orphanages increasinly independent from Russian and Urainian cereals and also independent from rising food prices on the markets... Donate here - it will help immediately...!



The initiative


"Riders for Africa" is an initiative of riders and other horsemen and horsewomen under the roof of "Partnerschaft für Afrika".   Motivated riders create ideas for events and initiate tombolas, raflles or other activities and support our projects for children in need. 


Some well-known companies (see sponsors) support our work. Beyond, some prominent riders dediacate their engagement to our projects -  ahaed of all Uta Gräf, Bernadette Brune, Flora Keller and Benjamin Werndl, also Ingrid Klimke and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum already supported our work.


Those who want to be active and motivate others to initiate an event can contribute a lot to the improvemnt of the situation of children in need!




„The big advantage is in my eyes: the founder and one sponsor carry all administrative costs, each Euro goes directly into projekt work for children!“, says the internationally successful dressage rider and trainer Uta Gräf, who support "riders for africa" with child-sponsorships together with her husband, Stefan Schneider - a professional working equitation trainer. Both are never tired to act as ambassadors to spread the word about our work.   Clipmyhorse Uta Gräf Interview





With the initiative "Riders for Africa" we want to call for action among the horse community. Many prominent and non-prominent riders support with much energy our projects for children in need.  (Uta Gräf, left, Benjamin Werndl, Flora Keller with Daily Mirror - right)  


At this point we would like to express our sincere regret about the early death of Famoso, our "Ambassador" for our projects. He was presented by the international successful dressage rider Benjamin Werndl, after his flagship horse "Daily Mirror", owned by Flora Keller from Switzerland, retired. She took the initiative to donate all price money generated by successful competitions at world class level. Daliy Mirror currently enjoys his retirement on the grass. Flora Keller, who joined our project missions several times will remain closely attached to our work for children in need.


Bernadette Brune, a well-known international dressage rider is also very much engaged in helping children in need. She supports children living with HIV through events and sponsorships and also acts as an ambassador to spread the word about our work. 




Yvonne Gutsche (Doubledivine Ranch) and Heinz Bley from AgrarCrawinkel GmbH ("Thüringeti") are together with Uta Gräf, Stefan Schneider and Kathrin Huber a strong team for "Riders for Africa". They donate, buy and train young horses to sell them at a higher price after adding value by training.





Ingrid Klimke initiated a fundraising event among her stable community for the support of our work for children. The hand-drawn check in our office still reminds us of our prominent supporter!




Prominent riders signed our cards, which we sell together with riding pads, cups and other merchandising products during events and tombolas: Isabel Werth, Dorothee Schneider, Ingrid Klimke, Uta Gräf, Bernadette Brune and more....

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