"...behind every Mother Theresa, every Romeo, every Mandela, there are Millions of people who are living their lives in love and heroism." (Desmond Tutu, ehemaliger anglikanischer Erzbischof von Kapstadt)


Our Partners in Africa



We have worked together with local partners in Tanzania right from the beginning. The reason: the knowledge of the exact needs, the know-how for the implementation and the knowledge of the local peculiarities is best provided by the local well-trained experts. Our partners have taken the initiative themselves to bring about positive changes in their society. We cooperate with the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha/Tanzania from the beginning. Our core project with the church is the Canaan-Children-Centre for HIV-positive orphans, which we built in 2013. We also support the treatment of disabled children in the Monduli Centre run by the church.

    IMG 9003   

 Dr. Alex Lengeju (right) and his wife Caritas run the Canaan Centre, which was established in collaboration with the Church (left: Archbishop Isaac Amani, Archbishop of Arusha). 
Living Water Children Center (LWCC)

The Living Water Children Centre was founded in 2002 as a small orphanage by the Tanzanian family Kimaro. Since 2005 we have been supporting the expansion of the orphanage and the associated schools.  More than 700 children attend the Yakini primary school, most of them stay in the boarding school during the whole school year. Among them more than 100 orphans go to the primary school.  Usually, children pay school fees, from which the attendance of orphans is financed on a sustainable basis. In 2017, together with the LWCC, we completed the construction of Yakini Secondary School, which will allow for graduation with a university entrance qualification. In 2018, we launched the LWCC Farm Project, which now provides food for schoolchildren and orphans. In 2019, we completed the construction of a new orphanage with the LWCC, which will provide space for 100 new orphans who will later on also go to Yakini schools.

   IMG 3493

The founding family of the Living Water Children Centre, Anza Amen Kimaro with his two eldest sons Walter and David, who are now involved in the management of the LWCC together with their brother Christian.



The organisation TRMEGA was founded in 2010 by the former AAIDRO Director Helen Nguya, who enjoys international recognition for her work on poverty alleviation. TRMEGA is our partner for the MVC programme for children at risk, which we support from A to Z (school, education, job, studies). With TRMEGA we conduct business trainings for young people looking for a job and provide start-up capital for small businesses. We also train HIV-positive mothers who live in poverty to earn their own living.

    IMG 3526 

Victor Mturi, our social worker, coordinates the program and cares for the students and families. Helen Nguya (right), founder of the organisation TRMEGA, consults the team in various fields of the program.


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