"I am endlessly thankfull for the oportunity to go to school. Today I am myself teacher and in the position to give something back." (Severine Komba, supported orphan)


Primary School & Secondary School



Step 5: We build primary/secondary/high schools to ensure good education for orphans and youth in need.

Background: Government run schools are usually crowded and qualitatively not sufficient. In these schools the persistent lack of (adequate) teachers and material contributes to low performance. In particular traumatized children cannot be adequately taken care of in such an environment. As a consequence, their performance is particularly poor. Teenagers are endangered to get attracted to "wrong friends" and slip their behaviour and school performance. Therefore, the LWCC decided early in the process to build a privately-run primary school for the orphans from the Living Water orphanage which we support from the beginning.

Yakini Primary School (Grundschule)

Yakini Secondary School (Gymnasium)

Primary School for 1000 Children

Secondary/Highschool for 320 students

up to 100 orphans

up to 100 orphans

Projectpartner LWCC

Projectpartner LWCC



Yakini Primary School

The Yakini Primary School was created in 2009 based on an initiative by the LWCC to ensure good education for the approximately 100 children of the Living Water orphanage. Moreover, the school is a continuing source of income for the support of our orphans, in particular their future education.




The school consists of 18 class rooms, 4 dormitories, a schoolyard and a playground as well as different offices for teachers, headmaster and administration. "Partnership for Africa" contributed to the construction of this school from beginning. A new kitchen and a dining room are under construction (with funding by another organizations - time2help).

Sustainability: 300 remain during the whole year in the boarding school. The orphanage/orphans are funded from the tuitions paid by paying students. Also, the children from our Canaan orphanage go to the Yakini Primary School. Meanwhile, the Yakini Primary School is one of Tanzania's best primary schools. In the 2019 school competition it reached position no 10 in the nationwide ranking of roughly 23.000 schools. And, it made place no 1 in the area Arusha!



Yakini Secondary School


To ensure optimal continuing education we built the Yakini Secondary School with our project partner LWCC in 2017.  Our first orphans attend this school now, in particular those coming from Yakini Primary School.


The school was built on a compound bought with donations made available by "Partnership for Africa". The compound is situation directly next to the Yakini Primary School. The size of the compound has allowed it build (in 2019) the new Living Water orphanage directly behind the school.


With the help of our donors (private) and sponsors (Sternstunden e.V.) we were able to finance about 90 percent of the school.  The school consists of 12 class rooms, a chemistry and biology block, 3 labs for physics, a computer laboratory, a library, an administration-building, toilet-installations, equipment for the class rooms and offices, water tanks, solar-installation and electrification- Dormitories and kitchen were contributed by other organizations (e.g. time2help).



 The Yakini Secondary School was primarily financed by Partnership for Africa and is our biggest project. During our recent visit the students were happy, in particular about the new books we brought for the new library!



We require donations for investment needs of the school, e.g. a new dining hall, school-bus, a storage for food-supplies, school-furniture, water tanks …. Donations from our child-support program are used to cover tuitions, school-material and school-uniforms.



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