"Frankly spoken: without the program, I wouldn´t be where I am today." (Gabriel Francis, orphan Maasai, school and vocational training support, small business enterpreneur)

10 Steps - Program


In 10 steps we create the next generation as a support for a stronger society - through education and help to self-help. Interview with Dr. Günter Heidenhof....


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Step 1:
We identify cases of hardship or emergency and we seek solutions for children in need.

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Step 2:
Sick persons or disabled children will be treated as a matter of priority, also to ensure school attendance. Traumatized children will receive psychological support.

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Step 3
: We help orphans and youth to live with their rest-families - provided this is does not constitute an imminent danger.
We finance education, housing, life support and medical assistance for them.

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Step 4:
 We build orphanages to create a home for children in acute need and danger.

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Step 5:
We build Primary Schools, Secondary and High Schools to ensure good education for orphans and youth in need.

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6: We provide scholarships from an „Education Fund“ for especially gifted students (orphans) to help them build a future in Tanzania.

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Step 7:
We stabilize the remaining relatives, typically HIV-infected mothers in poverty and without job, through help to self-help.

IMG 6255 Ally

Step 8
: We provide guidance to orphans and youth through „Life-Skills training“ that they could not receive from their parents.


IMG 7851 Ausschnitt

Step 9:
We offer training to enable young adults (orphans) to find their way into the job market or into independence.

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Step 10:
We encourage our alumni who have already made steps into independence or into the labour market to make contributions for children in need.



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