"I grew up in the Living Water Children Center in safety. I call it a wonder that I can now go to university." (Athuman Juma, Student in Dar Es Salam)




Step 4: We build orphanages to create a home for children in acute need and danger.

Preferably, we take care of orphans in their existing neighbourhoods. Frequently, however, children live alone without relatives, or with their HIV-suffering mothers or old grandmothers who cannot take care of them anymore. Also, if threatened by violence and abuse accommodation in one of our orphanages is often the only option.


Canaan orphanage

Living Water Orphanage

Orphanage for HIV-positive Children

Orphanage for children living in poverty

46 children and youth

100 children and youth

Project partner: Catholic Church

Projectpartner LWCC

Schooling at Yakini Schools

Integrated Primary and Secondary/Highschool




Canaan Orphanage

The Canaan Center orphanage is a home for 45-50 HIV-positive and not infected Children in need. They live in mixed groups to avoid stigma.  Especially children who have been infected by their parents have difficulties to find homes and foster families. With an adequate care and medication and a good health care those children have a good chance for a quite normal life - despite their infection.



The Canaan Center orphanage for HIV-positive children was initiated and funded by „Partnerschaft für Afrika“ and supporters. It is a safe and nice home for children in need with competent care.


Schoolgarden, chicken-banda, mushroom production and rabbit breeding support the healthy food supply and sustainable income for the center. The center consists of 4 dormitories, kitchen and dining hall, sanitary facilities and staff rooms. The soccer field is at the center of the nicly designed compound.


In 2016, a former dispensary situated next to the orphanage was converted to a Play and Learn Centre that also offers a retreat area to the bigger children to take care of their homework from school. This conversation and extension of the orphanage was funded by Sternstunden e.V., a partner organisation we work with on a regular basis. The new complex also serves as meeting facility for village-children and their parents to ensure the integration of the orphanage into the neighbourhood and contact with the "real life."



Living Water Orphanage

The "Living Water Children Centre" (LWCC) is THE place of refuge for children in need of all kind. Our project partners regularly seek and find children who require our support. Additional children are sent to the orphanage through the Catholic church. the church, we send out some children into this orphanage.

The Living Water orphanage was established by the Tanzanian family Kimaro in 2002 and has been supported by us since 2005. Until 2017, roughly 100 orphans were supported and looked after. In 2017, a shutdown was decreed by the new government because the terrain of the orphanage did not have the required size.

As a consequence, we have built a new orphanage with our project partner LWCC, and with the support of our donors (private) and sponsors (in particular Sternstunden e.V.).  Roughly 90 percent of the cost for the new orphanage have been mobilized to date. Other organizations contributed to the remaining needs and funded a Family-House and contributed to the construction of a dormitory (time2help). 



2019 the new orphanage could commence operations, and the first children could move in.


The new orphanage is currently conceived for 100 children but can be extended further. It consists of two dormitories, rest room facilities for 50 boys and 50 girls. It has a large playground as well as a Family House for staff and children. Kitchen and dining facilities are available on the same compound. The new orphanage is adjacent to the two Yakini schools run by the LWCC.


This way, we have now created an integrated complex that is able to accommodate orphans and ensures schooling at primary and secondary levels. Everything in one hand, and situation on one compound.

We require donations from our child-support program for tuitions, school-material, school-uniforms and transportation. Furthermore, we support investment needs and extensions of the Canaan Centre on a regular basis

An important step to reduce the dependency of our centre/schools from donations is self-sufficiency of food.  Our goal is always to ensure help to self-help. Thanks to private sponsorships we could buy land to grow necessary staple food for the children and, thus, reduce the financial burden for the orphanage/schools. Moreover, the farm project offers the possibility for job-seeking teenagers to help during vacation time or to learn additional practical things (see also Job Training-Centre).

Within the last 12 months, no man's land has been converted into a well-run farm that also offers training possibilities for teenagers.


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