"We follow the african principle: to start somehow, somewhere and then see how it works. We can learn a lot." (Friederike Heidenhof)








Start fundraising for children in need: projects we support until today:


  • Living Water Children Center Orphanage

  • Rehabilitation Centre for disabled children

  • Care and support for HIV-orphans

After the initiative of Friederike Heidenhof during a three-month consulting period in Arusha/Tanzania the education programs and the infrastructure we have today were initiated.


Start of cooperation with our local project partners: Archbishop Lebulu and Sr. Agreda Mosha of the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha Arusha, Anza and Dora Kimaro of the Living Water Children Center (LWCC) and Helen Nguya (first AAIDRO, later TRMEGA).





Start of the program for volonteers and social travel program for guests and donors.




Start construction of the Yakini Primary School in Kisongo, first support for buildings and infrastructure.


Picture Book „African Heroes“ published by Friederike Heidenhof, which worked well as door-opener for fundraising acitivities; letter with comments of the former German President, Dr. Horst Köhler.




Further construction of the Yakini-Primaryschool with classrooms and dormitories.


Planning for the Canaan Center, orphanage for HIV-positive children.


Start of the program for most vúlnerable children (out of the slums) and start of the students program for gifted orphans (MVC-Programm);




Founding of „Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V.“ with supportive people who contribute to a sustainable future of our work.


Start construction of the Canaan Children Centers for HIV-positive orphans in cooperation with the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha.
Failed construction of a water-borehole due to lack of water.


New roofs for the Center for disabled children in Monduli.


Foundation of the partnerorganization TRMEGA through Helen Nguya in Usa River;  
Start of the program for training children, youth and women, Micro-credits, start-up funding.




Complete renovation and remodeling of the Living Water Children Center, an orphanage in Ngulelo, which provides a safe home for 40 children.


Finish construction of the buliding and infrastructure of the Canaan Center for HIV-positive Children.





Opening Ceremony of the Canaan Centers for HIV-orphans through the Archbishop of Arusha, Josaphat Lebulu, and Partnerschaft für Afrika, Friederike und Günter Heidenhof, with 500 guests. The first orphans move in.


Further construction of the Yakini-Primary School, for later 1000 students, 100 of them are orphans.


Purchase of land for the  construction of Yakini Secondary School (+ High school) in Kisongo.





Start construction for the Yakini Secondary School (+ Highschool) for later 320 students, 100 of them orphans.


Set-up of a school-garden for the Canaan Center, which provides food and income for the center.




Fixing of severe damage to the buildings of Canaan Center due to heavy rainfalls and erosion. Comprehensive measures for stabilizing the environment.




Finishing of the first 8 classrooms and the administration building of the Yakini Secondary School.


Remodeling of the former dipensary and merge with the Canaan Children Center as a new play and learn center.


Start of the initiative „Riders for Africa“ – through riders and horsemen under the roof of "Partnerschaft für Afrika".




Closure of the Living Water orphanage through the Tanzanian government due to lack of space. Start planning and fundrasing for a new orphanage.


Land purchse for a farm in Usa River as sustainable source for food and income for the Living Water Children Center.


Opening of the Yakini Secondary School for 320 students, 100 of them orphans. Finishing of the laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Project coordinator an social worker  Gerald Ngaiza becomes manager of the MVC-Programm of Sr. Agreda Mosha, who is going to retire.


Start of the alumni initiative for the support of children in need through former students.





Start construction of the new Living Water Children Center (orphanage) on the same plot of the Yakini Secondary School in Kisongo.


Finishing of the library building, PC-Lab, classrooms and furniture for 8 of 12 classes of Yakini Secondary School.


Remodeling of the Canaan-orphanage for older children. Set-up of sustainable income projects, such as chicken, pigs, rabbits and mushrooms.



Opening of the Living Water Children Center, a new orphanage for 100 children in need;

Finishing of the first dormitory and the playground. The first children move in.


Opening of the seminar and office building at TRMEGA as a first brick-stone for a  Jobtraining-Center. Start-up captital for youth for small businesses - frist succes stories.


First harvest of the Living Water Farm as a sustainable source for food and income for the Living Water orphanage.





Final construction and inauguration of our Jobtraining-Centers for youth and mothers .

Construction of a small Safe-House for a vulnerable family.

Construction of the second dormitory for our Living Water Orphanage.



Extension of our Secondary School: dining hall/assembly hall.

Extension of our Living Water orphanage: dining hall and kitchen.

Extension of our Living Water oprhanage: Play and Learnhouse.







New Play and Learncenter in the Living Water Orphanage




Opening of our first Safe-House for orphans over 18, who are too old for the orphanages (in Ngulelo/Arusha).



 Opening of our youth workshops in the Safe-House and on the Youth-Farm.



Opnening of our two Safehouses for Youth: young men and women - orphans - who are to old for the orphanage and too young for a life on their own. The schooling farm on the same plot produces healthy food for the orphanage and for income generation. We are proud on the first harvest of mixed colored peppers!





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