How much to donate?


In general it is difficult to say "how much should I donate"? It depends on personal choice and capacity - many small amounts sum up to bigger funds. They are an important pillar of our yearly income for the project work. Every year we have to start from Zero. No funds come in automatically - we have to be creative every day again!
  • With10 or 20 Euro we can pay food and shelter for an orphan for one week

  • With 50 Euro we can buy a school-uniform, paper and pens

  • With 100 Euro we can pay school-fees for one year at governmental schools

  • With 150 Euro we can buy around 15 books for the library of our schools


  • With 250 Euro we can pay a leg prothesis for a disabled child

  • With 1.000 Euro we can fully sponsor a child at a private boarding school for one year

  • With 2.000 Euro we can set-up a computer workplace for a disabled child

  • With 5.000 Euro we can provide a school or orphanage with water tanks or electricity



  • With 10.000 Euro we can set-up a computer lab or a playground

  • with 35.000 Euro we can support 35 students for college or university studies

  • with 40.000 Euro we can build a dormitory for our orphanages

  • with 350.000 Euro we can construct an entire orphanage

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