"Crime and prostitution, they don´t have many more options, if we don´t help them. If we really want to stop HIV we must break the vicious circle. " (Sister Agreda Mosha, mother of the program for orphans in the slums of Arusha)

Supervision and Care



Step 3: We help orphans and youth to live with their rest-families – provided this does not constitute an imminent danger. We finance education, housing, life support and medical assistance for them.


The social workers and volunteers of our program for "vulnerable children and youth" (MVC-Program at TRMEGA) take care of children and siblings who live alone or still live with their HIV-positive and impoverished mothers.



Gerald Ngaiza, project coordinator of the program for vulnerable children, visits children and sick mothers with their children. He organizes life support and education for them.


Our social workers look after the supported children/youth/families on a regular basis – they have an open ear for worries and needs, they organize housing, schooling, clothing, food and medical supply. With such dedicated support we prevent the youth from slipping into crime and prostitution which is often the case for those who are left on their own.


Our project partners organize school attendance in suitable institutions, in particular boarding schools; they take care of all relevant issues including registration, transportation and payment. The students and families receive advice and counselling about educational possibilities and about the necessary prerequisites.




At present, we support 25 families in the MVC-Program with about 100 family members. Many children go to the schools (Yakini-Primary-School, Yakini-Secondary School) built by us, some attend other schools that are closer to their homes and rest families.



Esther Pallangyo with her sons Samwel and David requires our help urgently, since her husband has recently died in an accident.  The family of her husband refuses to let her stay on the property and in the shed house that her late husband owned. Stella Kessy and Emmanuel Balthazari live as a sibling family with an old aunt. They now go to Secondary School.


If it is not possible to take care of the children and youth in their families, we accommodate them in one of our orphanages or boarding school-schools. (see step 4 and 5)


We require donations for all children of our program: to pay for tuition fees, school-uniforms, books, transportation or boarding school fees. 




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