"Money does only improve your spirit, if you use it for gifts and charity" (University of British Columbia)



To ensure lasting support for our work with children in need we are going to establish an endowment fund whose profits will be used to finance our program activities. The fund will pursue the same goals and objectives as our existing association; the fund management will remain in our hand to ensure close coordination between association and endowment.

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Co-sponsors who are interested in contributing to the endowment funds are most welcome.  As a first step we intend to put together a sum of Euro 100,000. Long-term goal for the endowment fund is Euro 2m.  This will require significant efforts and fund raising, in particular as contributions to the endowment fund should not replace the support for the program of the foundation which require significant funds every year.



1. Background

Over the last 15 years we have raised Euro 2.5m in donations. With this money we have created a lasting infrastructure as well as the corresponding programs as follows:


Program for rescue and support of children in need (Education from A to Z)

Canaan Center for HIV-positive Childre (Orphanage)

Living Water Children Center (Orphanage)

Yakini-Primary School (Primary School)

Yakini-Secondary School (Secondary and High School)

Jobtraining-Center (Preparation for an independet life)

2. Future


We would like to ensure that as many children (orphans) in need as possible can benefit from our program activities and from the infrastructure we helped create. Through further donation – as is currently the case. Through profits from the planned endowment fund.

3. Advantages for our work

Together with our partners in Tanzania we would like to maintain and further consolidate our existing programs and infrastructure (instead of mushrooming to additional activities). The endowment fund should – over time – become the basic source of funding for program activities.


4. Advatages for donors/contributors

Existing capital can be used for dedicated developmental purposes; contributors to the endowment fund can participate in the Board of Trustees. Contributions to the endowment fund are tax deductible (in Europe).  Deductions can be made flexibly over several years. Contributions from inheritances are subject to additional tax exemptions (in Europe).


5. How to become a contributor?

Contributors to the endowment fund can be made at any time and with any amount.  The contributors will receive a confirmation about the donation from the Endowment Fund which can be presented to the tax authorities (in Europe).

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